Functional interfaces provide target types for lambda expressions and method references. Package – java.util.function. The interfaces in this package are general purpose functional interfaces used by the JDK, and are available to be used by user code as well. While they do not identify…

Default methods enable developers to add new functionalities to interfaces without breaking the existing implementation of these interfaces. Default methods are implicitly public. It provides flexibility to allow interface define implementation which will use as default in the situation where a concrete class fails to…

A functional interface is an interface that contains only one abstract method. Lambda expression can be used to represent the instance of a functional interface. Any interface with a single abstract method is a functional interface, and its implementation may be treated as lambda expressions.…

Environment Wildfly 11.0.0.Final with deployed orderProcess-cdi-angular; JavaFX 8 By running JavaFX-Desktop-Client, you connect to orderProcess-cdi-angular over RESTful – on Project structure By running, you see: Administrator Creates process instance. Users Work on user’s task.   Launch   Download  

Environment Live Example; client of orderProcess-cdi-angular Wildfly 11 RestFul Client: RestEasy 3.1.4.Final / httpclient-4.5.2 Process OrderProcess Deployed on (Live Examples; orderProcess-cdi-angular). Description: orderProcess-cdi-angular OrderProcess HttpRestClient

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Environment Drools 7.7.0.Final Project structure



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