Drools :: Install :: 7.5.0.Final


1. Install Drools

  • Install Eclipse Oxygen.2 Release (4.7.2)
  • Go to Drools Download and download Drools and jBPM tools.
    • Unzip droolsjbpm-tools-distribution-7.5.0.Final.zip
    • Eclipse: Help->Install New Software… -> Add Site
    • Install droolsjbpm-tools-distribution-7.5.0.Final\binaries\org.drools.updatesite
  • Go to Drools Download and download Drools Engine
    • Unzip drools-distribution-7.5.0.Final.zip
    • Go to Eclipse Preferences -> Drools -> Installed Drools Runtime
    • Click Add. Enter name and path of drools-distribution-7.5.0.Final\binaries

2. Install BPMN 2 Modeler

3. After installation


One thought on “Drools :: Install :: 7.5.0.Final

  1. Andrew

    January 28, 2018 at 1:04am

    What do you mean, “Install droolsjbpm-tools-distribution-7.5.0.Final\binaries\org.drools.updatesite”?There’s no site there. I get an error “Unable to read repository at http:/content.xml. URL does not specify a valid host name”

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    • Author

      Zbigniew Ciok

      January 28, 2018 at 11:45am

      After unznip droolsjbpm-tools-distribution-7.5.0.Final.zip you should get: droolsjbpm-tools-distribution-7.5.0.Final directory with binaries\org.drools.updatesite – on your disc: {path to droolsjbpm-tools-distribution-7.5.0.Final}\binaries\org.drools.updatesite

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