Auxiliary Tools :: Play Framework – Installing


Download Activator with Play (2.5.x). Requires JDK 1.8.
Play is a series of libraries available in a Maven repository. It is possible to use any build tool to create a Play application. By default, Play uses a Sbt built tool, a default Scala build tool, to create Play applications.
To create Play applications, we use a tool called activator. Activator consists of a Sbt build tool, a set of and project templates, and a web interface to manage projects.
Create a new project from the command line: activator new {project_name}
Run an existing project from its directory: activator run
Enter the interactive cli (in project directory): activator
The two important seed templates are play-scals for Scala developers and play-java for Java developers – after activator new {project_name}.


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