KIE Demo Workbench :: Employee Evaluation Example


This example environment:
Process to run:
(resources/EmployeeEvaluation.bpmn; jbpm.zjc.examples.employee-evaluation)
  • process starts
  • employee performs self-evaluation
  • process branches
  • evaluation is made by PM and HR
  • branches are synchronized
  • process is finished
The first example objectives – run it in the following configurations:
  • persistence:
    • H2; mem
    • PostgreSQL
  • usergroups data sources:
    • H2; mem
    • PostgreSQL
jbpm.zjc.commons.process-setup-helper – includes the main means to start processes.
Class allows you to start the process:

Create Runtime Manager (see above):




The above code is sufficiently commented. So please just pay attention to:

This calls an implementation of usergroups callback.
Process setup
EmployeeEvaluationTest constructor:

See the explanations to super(true, true):

Method setUp():

jBPM persistence is defined by (see line 5 above):

Parameters like: ${} are set by maven filtering (pom.xml):

User Group Callback type is selected by code: lines 19 – 25.
Users are defined in file

or in PostgreSQL:


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