Integration with JEE :: Drools :: drools-business-rule-task Example Environment Drools 7.7.0.Final jBPM 7.7.0.Final Process Process parameters Process attributes Script Task attributes Business Rule Task attributes or source (business-rule-process.bpmn):

See the above ruleFlowGroup=”Group1″ and in Sample.drl   Project structure


Attribute no-loop avoid the re-activation of a rule caused by the RHS of that SAME rule. Attribute lock-on-active avoid the re-activation of a rule NO MATTER what the cause is. Self-Loop Modifications of facts can trigger a new activation of the same rule. Example

Keywords insert keyword

new IsLowCostOrder($i) is the data available to the working memory using the insert keyword.

modify and update keywords

After the modification: setMale(true), the engine will re-evaluate all rules for Person object.

In Drools when you…

Environment Drools 7.5.0.Final Rule Keywords: insert, modify Project working-mem-modify-1 – Project Structure

Project Output DRL file: working-mem-modify.drl